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Your Guide to Pai Gow Poker

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Poker is one of those games that you can either play in a land-based gambling
institution or in an online casino. It has many different versions and each of them has its
own unique set of rules that does not veer too far away from the original game.

That being said, one of the most interesting versions of the game is Pai Gow Poker and
in this article, I will provide you with the information that you need to know about the
game so that you can get started the right way.


The Pai Gow version of poker is not actually played using a standard deck of cards as
Pai Gow was a game that was created in China that uses dominoes instead.

When you do a quick google translation, the term ‘Pai Gow’ is loosely translated as
“Make Nine” and that is because you can get a maximum score of a hand that amounts
to the number 9.

The basic premise of the game, at least in its original version, is that you are given two
tiles of dominos in your hand.

There are front and rear scores that correspond to a particular number and if those
numbers are added up and are much higher than the one that the dealer has, the player wins.

The card version of the game wasn’t created until 1985, when Sam Torosian, owner of
the Bell Card Club, created the poker version that we know today.


So, what are the rules of the game? As is with any other casino game out there, it is
important that the player knows the rules of a certain game so that they will not be
penalized and so that everyone can have a good time playing the game.

That being said, the rules of Pai Gow Poker are a bit different than the other card
games such as Faro, Baccarat, and Blackjack.

Instead of being given domino tiles, the dealer will give the players seven cards each.
One hand will hold five cards and the other hand will hold the remaining two.

The back hand will be the one that holds the five cards and the front hand will be used
to hold only the two highest cards the player possesses.

The original concept of the game where the player’s hands should beat the dealer’s set
of cards is still the same.

If only one of your hands wins, the dealer still wins. If both you and the dealer have the
same cards, the dealer wins.

Why is This Game Popular?

Let me start off by saying that all versions of Poker are quite popular no matter what
casino you play in. That being said, Pai Gow Poker is especially popular due to the fact
that it has a rich history and because it is one of the simpler versions of Poker out there.

If you are contemplating as to which version of poker you should play, then do consider
playing Pai Gow.

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