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Watch Shopping 101: Different Watch Parts You Must Know About

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Watchmaking is an amazing science that involves many complex components. In order to create
the finest Swiss watch, an expert team must put together different parts. Every watch model is
unique. Are you thinking of getting new mechanical watch in Malaysia? Before heading to the
watch store, make sure that you are familiar with the entire technical watch setup. Below are
some of the terms you need to check out.

1. Watch Lug

Watch lugs are regarded as “horns.” They are those projections which are utilized to secure the
bracelet or strap on the case.

2. Watch Case

The watch case is a container that exists to protect the watch movement. In most cases, it is
round, but you can also get a timepiece with a rectangular, oval or square case.

3. Watch Movement

The movement is the engine or inner mechanism of a timepiece. It powers the watch’s functions,
and fuels its timekeeping abilities.

4. Bezel

A watch’s bezel is typically made of metal. It is a ring around the watch’s crystal, holding it
firmly in place.

5. Crown

You use the crown to set the date and time of the timepiece. On mechanical watches, it is utilized
to wind its mainspring.

6. Crystal

A watch crystal can be made of plastic, synthetic Sapphire or glass. It is transparent, and protects
the dial, and lessens glare.

7. Watch Dial

The watch dial is a metal base which is completely visible through a crystal. It is like a window
that shows the time and date on the watch.

8. Watch Strap

A watch band or strap can be made of rubber, leather or any other kind of material. It holds the
timepiece to the wearer’s wrist.

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