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Smartwatch Pros and Cons that You Should Know

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A smartwatch is quite a polarizing device that there are some people that highly praise the said device and there are some that completely detest its existence.

On one hand, people would say that the only timepieces worth considering are automatic watches or those with quartz movements and nothing else. On the other, smartwatches have become godsends for people that want to do it all.

Today, I am going to help you decide as to whether to buy a smartwatch or not by providing you with its pros and cons. Let’s start with the advantages that it can provide.

The Pros

It Helps Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Some people just need a little bit of a push to entice them to have a healthy lifestyle and that is something that a smartwatch can provide.

Smartwatches do come with fitness tracking abilities as part of their core functionalities. It not only helps you track your steps but it can also track your nutrition, as well as your sleeping hours as well.

Never Miss a Notification

It is pretty cumbersome to be using and bringing your phone on a constant basis. Its bulkier exterior may not be ideal in certain situations; forcing you to ditch the device entirely.

If you are waiting for messages or emails and whatnot, you can use a smartwatch to monitor any notification that comes to your mobile device.

Most (if not all) smartwatches can receive calls, text, emails, and even social media notifications as well.

Ability to Change to a Different Watch Face

Unlike traditional watches where what you see is what you get, some smartwatches allow you to change the watch face based on your preferences and needs.

To do this, you will have to connect your smartwatch to your mobile device and by running the watch’s main app, you can change its watch face according to your needs.


Because smartwatches are deemed as extensions of smartphones, you can do some features directly on the watch itself, thereby eliminating the need to constantly be on your phone.

The Cons

Limited Battery Life

This is probably the biggest disadvantage of a smartwatch. Whereas traditional watches come with hefty batteries or mechanisms that power the watch without the use of the aforementioned batteries, smartwatches require a lot of power to run. Because of that, smartwatches would typically need charging almost on a daily basis.


Sure, you can change the watch face to suit your needs but when it is compared to a watch coming from a reputable brand like Patek Philippe or Rolex, it certainly is not up to par with such brands.

Screen Size

The watch’s screen size, sadly, is static. That means that what you see is basically what you get.
Will Never Truly Replace a Smartphone
Although smartwatches can do features that mobile devices can, they are still not effective in truly replacing the smartphone.

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