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How to Not Get Scammed by Your Web Hosting Provider

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Anyone who is running a website may have already subscribed to a web hosting service
and you may have done the same as well.
But, have you ever stopped to think that perhaps you might get duped by your web
hosting provider?
With the proliferation of new web hosting companies, the idea is not too farfetched that
you can possibly get scammed by these new providers. So, how can you prevent that
from happening? Read on to find out.

You Should Be Billed Officially

A web hosting provider typically bills you every month since they are a subscription-
based service. That being said, if you are using a credit card or Paypal to pay your
hosting provider, can you get a billing statement before the monthly due and can you
get a receipt after every successful payment?
If those two things are not met, then you are probably subscribed to a shoddy web
hosting service. If you can, find a better web hosting solution immediately.
How Easy Can You Migrate Your Website?
A good web hosting company is one that allows you to seamlessly transfer to another
provider without any questions asked. However, I’ve experienced it first-hand that I was
unable to move one of my websites simply because my hosting service doesn’t allow
me to do it easily.
That is why it is very important that you read the terms and conditions so that you will
know if you are even allowed to get another web host.
To share with you briefly the experience that I had, I want to change hosting providers
because the last one didn’t give me the services that my website needs. However, the
process is painstakingly slow as if to say that I am not allowed to change providers at
I was able to move successfully but what was originally just a one-day affair lasted for
more than a month.

Can You Cancel the Service Easily?

It is actually quite common for a web hosting provider to not meet our expectations.
That is why a tell-tale sign that a company is good is for them to allow you to move if

you are dissatisfied with their service. In addition, they might even give you a refund as
However, a bad hosting company is one that doesn’t allow you to cancel your
subscription at any time. Furthermore, if you were to cancel your plan, you are going to
have to pay hefty fines before you can switch. This is actually done by some scummy
hosting providers since they do not want you to move away from their service (as if to
discourage you from doing so).

Are They Properly Maintaining Their Servers?

Most people are on shared hosting plans because it is much more affordable than
others. That being said, since you are lumped in a single server, how well does your
current company maintain its own servers?
You will know if it is not maintained properly when you experience website slow-downs
here and there.
So, What Are You to Do?
If you are experiencing any or all of the issues mentioned above, the best thing that you
should do is to move away and find another hosting service immediately.