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Breastfeeding Benefits

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Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not compulsory. Despite the many benefits that comes along with breastfeeding, many mothers opt not to for personal reasons. This article, however, does not cover this. Instead, we’ll be illustrating the many benefits of breastfeeding.

Provides needed nutrition for Infants

What more can you want than a healthy baby. Breastmilk contains the ideal nutrition for babies which aids in their development. It comprises of protein, vitamins, fats.

Right after childbirth, the breasts start producing thick fluid called Colostrum which helps baby’s digestive track develop. The ingestion of colostrum contributes to the growth, development and health of newborns.

Breast milk has antibodies

Not only does Colostrum promote growth and development, it also promotes immunity in the babies. This is because Colostrum contains immunoglobulin A and other antibodies and this would help infant’s fight off infections, bacteria and viruses. Studies have shown that babies who are fed using formula are more vulnerable to health issues such as the influenza.

Provides necessary nutrients.

Breast feeding is also recommended because breast milk provides the baby with the necessary nutrients, which is needed before the age of 6 months. After childbirth, the breast releases a thick, yellow fluid called colostrum, which provides the baby with protein. It also benefits the baby’s digestive tract.

Helps promote healthy weight gain

Breastfeeding also helps avert obesity in childhood. Studies have shown that this may be due to gut bacteria and leptin. Babies which are breastfed have a higher percentage of beneficial gut bacteria and leptin in their system, which helps balance the appetite and fat storage, and therefore are less likely to be obese when they are older.

Bond between mother and child

The skin to skin contact would make your baby feel closer to the mother

Helps burn calories, so helps in weight loss (in the mother)

Some women tend to lose weight during breastfeeding. Milk production burns about 300 to 500 calories a day, so therefore women who breastfed have been shown to lose more weight than women who do not

Cost effective

By breastfeeding, you are able to save up on the money that would be spent on buying formula, which could range within the prices of 134 dollars to 491 dollars a month.

Delays Menstruation

Breastfeeding results in the release of prolactin, which balances estrogen and progesterone release. This would delay ovulation and thus prevent menstruation. Some women who breastfeed only start experiencing menstruation six to eight months after their delivery.

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