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10 Booming Trends in Web Design for 2020

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Vector Graphics

With the increase of usage of mobile devices, website traffic coming from people using mobile phones has been significantly higher than desktop traffic. This has influenced the web design agencies tremendously recently. Such trends also contributed to the advent of something known as’ mobile-first designs,’ which means that the web design process now prioritizes users of mobile devices by creating mobile-friendly, responsive websites.

The use of scalable vector graphics is an important mobile-first design trend which will remain popular by 2020. In comparison to other anti-mobile image formats, such as GIF and PNG, these are non-pixel vector images which scale and suit any screen size without distorting the image quality. It makes it a significant design phenomenon that ensures consistent Website graphics quality for all mobile users.

Bold Colors

The proper use of colors in your web design will improve your website’s outlook. It has always been a safe option to use neutral color themes for your website but it can make your website look boring and simple. But if you want to stand out among the plenty of online competition, then the way to go is to use bold and vibrant colours.

The use of vivid and high contrast colors in your web design is an easy and effective way to make your website look excentric and attractive. Just look below at the amazing website of MST.


The layout is very critical to website design in general. It begins with a blank web page on which different elements such as text, buttons, pictures, logos etc. are put. And how the components are organized so laid out is key to good web design.

A grid-based symmetrical website layout has been used for all these years to be considered a design norm but such a layout will make the website look bland and boring. In 2020, web design will be all about asymmetrical layouts that can make your site look playful, unique and eye-catching. Below is an example of the website of Dada-Data which shows clearly how using a bold asymmetrical design can make your website look exciting.

Huge Typography

The text is usually considered the least exciting of all web design elements. Where web designers devote their resources to the other elements of design, typography is often overshadowed as part of overall web design. But the days of using conventional and dull fonts are gone because bold, wide and unique fonts and typography will be a major trend in design for 2020.

Lively Animations and Elements

Shapes and micro animations are a small part of the design of a website but they can have a major impact on user experience. Use straight lines and geometric shapes used to be a big trend up until 2019, but web designing’s future lies in non-geometric fluid forms. These are types that do not include straight lines, like circles and oblong ones.

Minimalist Layout

Minimalist designs will make your website look simple and elegant, and sometimes for a beautiful website that’s all you need to have. A minimalist design style is expected to continue to be prominent in the foreseeable future as well.

A strong minimalistic design is all about getting just a few elements on the website and using the negative space to attract the attention of the viewer. The trick of minimalist web design is not to’ overdo’ the site, and to keep it clean and simple. For starters, Crypton Trading’s website design is as simple as it gets-a bare background with big words on it.

Mobile Friendly

Thumb-friendly navigation is a new Mobile-first Web design concept. Many mobile users keep their mobile devices in one hand, wrapping their fingers around the back and scrolling their thumbs and manipulating the screen of the phone. If you’re using your mobile to read this, you’re probably likely to have a similar grip on your phone.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has been one of technology’s most-used buzzwords. For those of you who may not be familiar with the concept of Augmented Reality, here is a simple definition: Augmented Reality is known to merge virtual elements with your real-world so that they appear to be a part of your reality.


Videos are the most powerful form of visual media, and they can transform and make your website more interactive. Adding a video to the design of your website will quickly make it less boring but it needs to be well thought out how you do it. When choosing to include videos, there are a few things to consider, like the intent of the video, the location and the total number of videos.

Disability-Friendly Elements

Inclusiveness and openness are becoming increasingly important world wide concepts. It created a movement towards disability-friendly websites. These are websites that are inclusive, accessible and welcoming to all, with a design that prioritizes users with different handicaps.

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