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10 Best Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2019

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Increased traffic is certainly something that is beneficial to a website owner of web e commerce. Not only it will increase your website’s ranking, but it will also increase conversions as well.
In this article, I will cover some ways you can drive more traffic that is relevant in 2019.
Create Content Worth Sharing
If you are creating blog posts, make sure that you write shareable content. What makes a shareable content, you ask? Well, you want to go deeper and more in-depth. So instead of making 500-1000-word short article; create 5,000 or more words of content that are related to your brand.

Improve Your On-Page SEO

Your website’s on-page SEO is quite important. Make use of alt-tags, optimize your images and video content, and make sure that your headlines make use of relevant keywords as well.

Make Your Content Better by Using Long-Tail Keywords

Although short-tail keywords are easy to use, you only want to use it sparingly. Instead, you should start incorporating long-tail keywords in all of your content pieces.
Why is it a good advice? Well, that is because long-tail keywords tend to look and feel natural in the eyes of the readers (and also in the search engines’ spiders as well).

Do a Different Type of Guest Posting

Sure, you might have already submitted guest posts in authoritative websites in your niche, but I am talking about a different type of guest posting.
What I mean is that you go to sites like Quora or Medium, use the keyword of your niche, and then look for queries that you know the answer to and then provide solutions. Don’t forget to include a link to your website while you’re at it.

Link Building

This is actually just a term to denote that you are getting links to your site from other websites. To do this, you can look at other websites in your niche and see if there are some outdated content (which you happen to have an updated version of). Contact the site administrator and tell them if you can replace the old content with your version instead.

Create Share-worthy Podcasts

Podcasting is actually one of the best ways you can promote your website. What you can do as a start is to interview the thought leaders in your industry and talk about what you’ve learned in your podcast.
Upload your podcast in social media platforms and on your website. Then, just look at your site’s traffic increase.

Post Images on Pinterest

A lot of businessmen actually share their images on Pinterest. And no, do not just share just about any image- share only the ones that pertain to your business and website.

Be Proactive on Facebook

Facebook is still the largest social media platform in existence so it is only fitting that you use the medium to post long-form, valuable content.

Build a Loyal Community on Twitter

People use Twitter as a means of building a massive following. Promote your business and website on this platform and I promise you that you can start building a loyal following shortly after.

Be a Guest in Someone’s Podcast

If you are a well-versed person in your niche, then have a chat with one of the podcast influencers and be a guest in it.